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Jai Carey a.k.a. Epochdemic Seraphic is an emcee based in Columbus, Ohio that has his eyes set on history. As a freestyle artist he has set records as the only person to win the Ohio hip hop expo 10 times and in doing so becoming the only person to win the competition 5 times consecutively and the only person to three-peat twice in the event. He is a 2 time Bustown Hip Hop Freestyle clinic winner which earned him the title “the best musical lyricist in Columbus” for two years in a row before becoming the host for the event. A 6 time Ohio Hip Hop Awards Nominee (best live performance nominee 2008, People’s Choice Award nominee 2008, and Lyricist of the Year Nominee 2012, Lyricist of the Year nominee 2013, Best Live Performance 2014 with 8 Bit Genetic Code, Best new Group 2014 with 8 Bit Genetic Code), he is known for honing his craft. His live show incorporates a mixture of his songs and on the spot freestyles to give the audience a new experience every time he performs. 





Midas Touch improves; Jai Carey remains great
By Wes Flexner

“The rapper whose new album I had a lot less skepticism about is Jai Carey. The Columbus emcee has won the Columbus Hip Hop Expo battle eight times, and the last time I saw him rap, in March, he won the Bustown Hip Hop Clinic battle.

Carey’s latest release, Fire Sale, starts off with “The Plot,” which begins with a grim a cappella and settles into a classical loop and some low-budget drums. “Purple Skies,” which ends with a poem by Barbara Fant, has a similarly dark but hopeful aura.

The next song, “Angry Bird,” is a tale of disgruntled women spun over a synth bass line that, on the whole, sounds like a D12 album cut. The ominous but cocky “The Greatest Story Ever Told” follows this.

“Face Down” flips DJ Assault’s “Ass and Titties” with 2 Live Crew into a mid-tempo hardcore hip-hop song. It features Te Mo of One Hood and Mz Lita. This is followed by the much smoother sex song “The Head Game,” featuring Kim Joyce.

Fire Sale ends with the raw posse cut “Robbery,” which guests Trillis and Scopes, and then a moody double-time track featuring Breath of Fresh Heir.

The sum total is a solid EP that is something like a mixture of Spitball and Jedi Mind Tricks.”


Well-timed diss wins Bustown rap contest –www.theotherpaper.com


“The final four freestyle contestants were announced, and a nasaly kid named Random who sounded like either Asher Roth or local legend Andrew Bagadonuts made quick work of a rapper whose name I didn’t catch. This lined up Random with Jai Carey, a stout emcee who won the Columbus Hip Hop Expo battle last week.

After they were announced, neither of the finalists immediately dissed each other. Instead, they spontaneously took advantage of the energetic backing band, which consisted of members of MojoFlo. Both emcees perfectly sequenced their rapid-fire raps over the horns, drums and guitars.

After about five minutes of this, Jai Carey finally dissed Random. I think it caught Random off guard, and he retaliated somewhat meekly. The two emcees exchanged more disses, but the judges eventually named Carey the winner.

The night culminated with at least a dozen rappers ciphering over the live band. For this Bustown hip-hop head, the entire event was a nice consolation prize for the Buckeye loss.”
Wes Flexner









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